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Introducing the world's first fractional IPL. 

From the company that introduced IPL to Australasia back in 1996 we are now proud to introduce the world’s first Fractional IPL system.

This innovative patent pending technology dramatically reduces the risk of side effects while increasing clinical efficacy and reduce patient discomfort during treatment. The R2PL is designed to safely and effectively treat pigmented and vascular lesions,  acne and hair removal on skin types 1 through to 5. The handpiece has built-in filters that rotate into position based on user selection, using basic wavelengths of 415nm, 560nm and 640nm. It can also provide treatment for dark skin rejuvenation and hair removal by selecting the optional wavelengths of 640nm, 695nm and 755nm (ALEX Light). With the R2PL there is no requirement to slide filters in and out of the handpiece and therefore no risk on damaging costly filters.

The R2PL also has SHR mode for safe, fast and comfortable hair removal.

The R2PL uses a sapphire crystal with integrated tissue cooling  and optional  multi-pulsing modes making it truely the newest generation in IPL technology.